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Jeremiah 6:16

The rabbi’s role in a Jewish community

Every religious community has recognized and accepted spiritual leaders. In a Jewish community, this role is granted to a rabbi and consists of complex responsibilities. A rabbi does more than spreading the word of Torah in a synagogue. This person’s moral duties make him be a role model for the Jewish community and a reliable advisor.

What does Jewish community expect from a rabbi?

The etymology of rabbi word clarifies a part of this person’s role in a Jewish community. This Hebrew word means teacher. While he is indeed a teacher in teleological institutes, all his actions are directed by the well-being of the congregation he leads. In the past, only men were able to fulfill this role but today women are able too. A Jewish priest is a person who knows very well religious dogma and has a strong faith. Besides teaching, he leads religious traditions such as Bar Mitzvahs or Shabbat when he prays in the synagogue, along with Jewish community.

A rabbi fulfills a particular responsibility related to his counselor role. Whenever a member of the community is in trouble or finds it difficult to make an important decision, a rabbi is there to advise. His counselor role might save marriages from falling apart or might lead young believers to follow the path of Jesus by becoming a rabbi. These are only a few examples, as the advisor role is far more complex than that. He connects Jewish community in a way makes everyone consider him a true and honest leader.

Rabbi leads religious ceremonies for Jewish congregation in synagogue most of the time but his spiritual role is the most important one. A rabbi is a model for his community, inspiring everyone in a positive spiritual way through his facts and beliefs.